We are Africa’s leading events and festivals access control company.
We believe in giving the best solutions to event organizers so they can keep putting on Africa’s best shows.
Tokea is your perfect ticketing and event management partner. We have built a better experience for both fans and event organizers, and shares your vision in events that will form the best memories in life. We will also manage your event entry in the best way possible.
Access control

Speed up entry times which makes a huge difference to your guests, and your bottom line.

Cashless Payments

Reduce friction by accepting payments through mobile money and cards effortlessly and in real time.


Creates more valuable sponsorships, all while delivering a world class guest experience.

Data collection

Not only will you know exactly who they are, but you can identify behaviour trends such as which products or activities certain segments of your guests enjoyed.


Discover where sales are coming from and what marketing efforts are working best with real-time insights.


Get detailed information about your ticket buyers, ticket sales, event attendance, and more.

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